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All products and elements made of wrought iron which we produce go through the same procedure: forging, bending and then sand blasting and painting. We forge all elements with Ø4mm up to Ø20mm. We forge square materials from Ø5mm to Ø16mm. After forging, all auger bits are polished, which distinguishes us from all others. During forging the flahs*, we previously polish them, so that the results are much better. We also spool circles made of the mentioned materials, with the diameter from 60mm up to 130mm. The circles are welded and pressed. The round materials are of steel quality with perfect quality and much harder than concrete iron which we do not use. We do the bending while cold because our very strong machines allow us to do so. Numerical plasma enables us to cut iron plates with the thickness of up to 20mm according to the given drawing. We have more than 1000 drawings which we have turned to vectors and we continuously add new ones. According to all that is mentioned above one can conclude that we have made efforts to make elements of the highest quality, which makes our job more easier when making products of wrought iron. We also sand blast and paint the bar materials before mounting them. All boxes and pipes in our warehouse are cleaned and painted. We buy only clean material from proved suppliers. Our wrought iron furniture (tables, chairs, shelves and beds) can be distinguished by the quality of their workmanship and design. Mounting, final painting and patinating are included in the price of our products. We gladly accept every specific request, and we try to be competitive.

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