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Wrought iron beds are the newest article in our assortment of products and furniture made of wrought iron. They are made with special care directed to high quality and functionalism. The beds are massive and made of the best wrought iron with rounded edges and anthropologic measures. The legs of the beds are made of tubes with the diameter of 60mm which are closed with a convex calotte of the same diameter and 3mm thick. The sides of the bed are made of thick cold rolled iron sheets. Tube materials with thick walls combined with our standard hollow forged elements are used for filling in the heads of the beds. That is why the heads of the beds are very filled and made of rounded elements, so that you can comfortably lean on them while you read in bed, for example.
The prices of our beds are 250 euros upwards. (The equivalent in dinars.)
In the gallery of products on this website, you can see some of our finished beds. With a click on the photograph at the beginning of the text you can go directly to the gallery of beds made of wrought iron. Do not miss the chance to afford yourself such a unique piece of furniture.

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