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Elements made of wrought iron are a part of our assortment by which we are maybe best-known. Devoted and high quality workmanship, a careful choice of semi-finished products and imported parts as well as our popular prices make our colleagues from other forges supply themselves with elements from us for mounting these elements into their final products made of wrought iron.
The prices of some elements are as follows:

  • Rosettes and leaves which we import are two to three times cheaper than from other suppliers.
  • A circle made of square material 10 x 10 mm is 0.9 euros, 12 x 12 mm is 1.2 euros.
  • Pretzels and “S”-s 10 x 10mm are 1.5 euros and 12 x 12 mm are 1.8 euros.
  • Sticks and figures are in the same frame of prices.

We can agree with the prices of orders with a greater amount of elements and a constant, periodical delivery. A part of our assortment of elements can be seen on this site in the “Gallery”, but it would be best if you personally came, convinced yourself of our quality and became another of our contented customers.

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